Printer calibration

An improperly calibrated printer simply won’t deliver the same image as the one designed on the screen, because it prints the wrong or imprecise color hue. That is why your printer needs a professional customized ICC profile, which makes it print with complete color accuracy. Custom profiling a printer means creating a profile of the printer, paper, and ink you use. The completed profile will guarantee color accuracy that is completely optimized for your system. These newest professional tools (i1iSis and i1Profiler by the company X-rite) and our years of experience in profiling and computer imaging will guarantee you ICC profiles of the highest quality.

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What is an ICC printer profile?

ICC stands for the International Color Consortium, which defined the ISO color management standard. It states how the profiles dictate working with the colors of the imaging devices, which makes the profile compatible with all other software that is based on profiles. A printer profile is essentially a description of how the printer prints the colors on a specific kind of paper. If color management is enabled, it is used in the image conversion process, when it is sent to the printed and ensures the colors are printed as accurately as possible.

"A good profile means you have to print a photograph only once, with no color adjustments in Photoshop, because the printed colors will always be accurate."

When printing the photograph, the printer uses generic settings for the color selection. This might look good on certain kinds of paper, but there are great limitations to this. If you select a different kind of paper, the colors will look different. If you choose a different type of ink, the colors will look different again. When usual printer fatigue happens, the colors will change again. There might be a color cast, the details on the printed photograph may be lost, which means you will use up a lot of paper and ink to try and print a high-quality photograph. And all this before you even try to make the printed photographs match the colors on the screen. Does this sound familiar? The printer profilers are designed to eliminate these problems. If you decide to calibrate your screen as well, you will also achieve that the printed photograph will match the image on the screen, making color management simple and much quicker.


How can the printer profile help with printing?

The printer profile is custom created specifically for the printer, paper and ink you want to use. By printing a small selection of profiling diagrams, we can create a customized printer profile for you that will ensure the best possible prints. The customized printer profile will help you:

  • print a photograph with colors matching the original photograph;
  • synchronize the prints with the calibrated printer;
  • synchronize the prints on different kinds of paper;
  • maximize the array of colors your printer is able to print;
  • print neutral black-and-white images;
  • use any kind of paper;
  • use any kind of ink;
  • precisely utilize the simulation of the color display on the monitor.