1. How long does the THX TV/projector calibration service take?

Usually 2–4 hours, depending on the display complexity and the number of sources included.

2. Does the room need to be completely dark?

The environment needs to be dim. This can be achieved by covering the windows with dark material (fabric, PVC bags) to reduce ambient light, should the curtains or blinds prove insufficient.

3. How much of a difference will calibration make, and is it worth it?

A definitive answer to this question can be provided after the measurements of your display have been taken, which will reveal the number of errors that need to be corrected. Most customers notice an immediate improvement. Others tend to fully realize the positive changes over the next few weeks, when viewing films or television shows they know well.

4. How do I select a calibrator?

You should choose a THX certified calibrator with professional calibration experience and some knowledge of your display or a similar product line by the same manufacturer. In this way, you can be sure that your display will be calibrated correctly.

5. Can I use the settings of a calibrated TV on the internet?

If you copy the calibrated settings from various forums on the Internet, your TV will not be calibrated. Calibration is an exact process, which involves measuring the color and brightness of the TV screen and making precise adjustments to compensate for errors. If you take a copy of the settings used on another TV, they will only give an approximate result and performance will be poor. In some cases, if TVs have very good pre-set picture modes, these copied settings can even worsen the picture. Although many settings work in the same way from one screen to another, the most important parameters, such as the adjustment of white balance or gray levels, are largely specific to each screen (transfer function) and can only be set with specific calibration hardware and software. If you want the best performance from your screen, it must be calibrated.

6. How long does a printer profile remain accurate?

In general, printer profiles remain accurate for a long time – for many of our home users, the printer profile ensures good results for as long as the printer lasts. However, the accuracy will change over time due to wear and tear of the print head. If you use your printers regularly, you might find that you need to re-profile them every now and again – some of our professional photographers reprofile their printers as often as every six months, but a re-profile every one to two years would probably be sufficient for most users.