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The most capable display calibration, look-up table management and color management systems (CMS) within the industry, offering a wide range of functions and tools as well as capabilities to enable the generation of accurate 3D look-up tables for post-production, broadcast and on-set operation, enabling highly accurate display device calibration and look emulation. At VidCal, we use the leading color management software to perform professional calibration: LightSpace CMS, CalMan Ultimate, i1Profiler and Chromapure Professional.

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At some point many professionals conclude that their work requires a reference color analyzer. SMPTE has established standards for such a device. It must measure colors accurately to within ±0.002 xy at or above 10 cd/m2 and luminance accurately to within ±0.5 cd/m2 for white field measurements. These are very exacting specifications that no tristimulus colorimeter can achieve, at least for chromaticity. For this level of accuracy, a 5nm spectroradiometer, such as the Jeti Specbos 1211L, must be used. Only a 5 nm spectroradiometer can read the entire wavelength range of 350–1000 nm, which means that it accurately reads any color displayed by any device. A spectroradiometer of 8 nm or 10 nm, for example, cannot offer this level of precision.

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    JETI Specbos 1211L



The Klein K10-A Colorimeter uses advanced optics, giving it a significant advantage in sensitivity over any other available probes. It features very high operational speed and extremely low light measurement capability. The K10-A is designed for all display types, and can measure all projection technologies as well as all luminous display technologies, such as DLP, D-ILA, SXRD, Plasma (PDP), LED and OLED, CRT, FED and others, and is the best colorimeter for sensitivity, stability and speed.

The two primary strengths of the Klein colorimeter are accuracy at extremely low light levels all the way down to 0.00002 foot-lambert, and the ability to take readings incredibly quickly. The K10-A also has high repeatability, meaning that when measuring the same stimulus repeatedly, the colorimeter will consistently return the same value. The typical weakness of colorimeters is that they are limited by their design and are not typically accurate on different types of display technologies. For example, a colorimeter that is designed to be used on LCDs will typically not do well when it is used for measuring a DLP projector. However, if an accurate spectroradiometer, such as Jeti 1211L, can be used on the job site to provide “offsets” for the Klein colorimeter, then the Klein colorimeter will be as accurate and precise as the reference spectroradiometer. This combination of tools will provide the benefits of low light measurement capability and fast readings while maintaining the reference spectroradiometer accuracy.

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    Klein K10A



The pattern generator is a device that produces all the reference signals and the formats required to calibrate all display types. It includes patterns for 3D calibration and all the resolutions, including 4K. This ensures that your display is calibrated with a perfect reference source and can be compared to your source. If a restriction is included in a data display device or a video channel, a solution can be designed to mitigate the problems that your system may encounter. A unique feature of the DVDO TPG pattern generator is that it will allow a split screen to be displayed between a source pass-through and a test pattern from the generator. This is an incredibly valuable feature for calibrating source devices that can supply their own test patterns, such as Blu-ray players with test pattern discs, or satellite providers who broadcast test patterns. In this way, the sources test patterns can be directly compared to the pattern generator on the display screen.

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    DVDO Lab AVLab TPG 4K and AccuPel DVG-5000



We use the hardware and software used by the industry leaders in colour management – X-Rite i1iSis 2 hardware and i1Profiler software – to create our profiles, and it delivers superior results. The i1iSis 2 automated color chart reader with M-Series measurement illumination conditions will improve both your productivity and the quality of your print production. It features optical brightening compensation (OBC) and allows you to make measurements both with and without a UV filter. It can also read a whole test chart in one go, meaning that it offers very high repeatability of readings.

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    Xrite i1Publish + i1iSis 2