Monitor calibration

We all want our screen to display the most realistic colors possible. And if color accuracy is very important in our work, this is truly indispensable. Photographers, designers, and other graphic experts can use the screen calibration to guarantee a precise color display, which will make your job easier when you are editing photographs and videos. The most important thing is that the result on a second screen or in the printed version will be exactly like what you wanted to create.                              

The calibrated screen will be completely neutral, which will significantly decrease the strain to your eyes, because there won’t be any unwanted hues and the brightness level will be lower in most cases. This will also prolong the life expectancy of the screen.

  • Vidcal 810x400 0000 zakajKalibriramo


We offer several levels of calibration with optimized solutions for:

  • Amateur and professional photographers,
  • Post-production houses,
  • Educational institutions,
  • Technicians for digital rendering and colorists and
  • Equipment renting companies, where color reproduction is a key factor for business success and client satisfaction.